Marina Kornienko is a well-known Kyiv lawyer, top-level legal expert, popular journalist, and public figure, writes

She is also a mother of three children, a wonderful lady, and a laureate of many awards and prizes.

In addition, Marina Kornienko is known for providing constant help to the most socially unprotected people.

However, the Ukrainian media does not define her as «a rich and successful lawyer doing charity work.» The headlines of the articles call Marina Kornienko «Miss Mercy», «magic lawyer» and «kind angel of hard times.»

It’s not easy to earn such fame in Ukraine, which is going through a turbulent period, but Marina Kornienko succeeded. What is the reason for such popularity?

First of all, you need to understand that in the «era of wars and revolutions» the usual social clichés take on different meanings and senses. Marina Kornienko’s actions are glamour-free; all her steps are direct and effective.

So what does Kornienko Marina do for the poorest and most unprotected segment of her compatriots?

Well, of course, she organizes various foundations and organizations, attracts money from businessmen and companies for charities purposes. Due to wide publicity, the rich clients of the lady-lawyer Marina Kornienko are ready to support her projects.

The collected money is primarily intended for large families, single mothers, and people with disabilities.

Although, Marina Kornienko declares that not only sick and lonely people need help. In modern Ukraine, many simply didn’t find a place to realize their capabilities, «didn’t fit into the picture» of modern life. Such people, says Marina Kornienko, need effective help in employment and social adaptation, which will quickly make them independent and even successful individuals.

This kind of help is great and valuable.

“Even if we’re not fine, we must remember that there are those who feel much worse, who won’t survive without our help,” Marina Kornienko says.

And yet, despite successful financial charitable actions, Marina Kornienko considers the most necessary and effective legal assistance she provides.

To understand why you need to know the specifics of the social and political processes taking place in modern Ukraine.

The state has adopted and approved several laws on benefits that people of socially vulnerable categories have. These are such areas of life as employment and job preservation, utility bills, taxes, medicine, and even tickets for all types of transport.

Quite modest by themselves, these benefits, taken together, form very significant support for those to whom they are provided.

The problem is the population doesn’t have the legal knowledge, and local authorities don’t remind people of their direct rights.

Here Marina Kornienko appears!

A leading legal expert, an employee of the Kyiv Court of Appeal, and a top attorney, she quickly brings law and order in the case she is taking on! «Thrifty» officials immediately understand it’s a dubious pleasure to meet her in court.

Rather, imminent legal liability.

Marina Kornienko, a highly paid legal advisor, defends the interests of her poorest clients for free, but as expertly as she does the cases of millionaires and major corporations.

Having received publicity, the court sessions won by Marina Kornienko keep officials from violating the rights of citizens, so the result of each trial is invaluable.

by Marina Kornienko

Of course, she is popular! A beautiful woman with a successful career as a lawyer, a leading expert of the Court of Appeal, a mother of three children, and a hostess of a cozy home, helping the most defenseless!…

They want to see Marina Kornienko at government forums and social events, concerts, and art exhibitions, and she finds the time and opportunity to visit all of them.

“- I don’t refuse any invitation. I love hanging around with people, but, most importantly, each event can bring a meeting with those who will help me in my work. Rather, in our common cause of helping people.»

Her beauty, energy, and charm leave no one indifferent.

Marina Kornienko is a titles holder:

  • «Woman of the Year — 2020»
  • «Public figure of the year — 2020»
  • «Mom of the Year — 2021»

At the same time, we’ve never seen a person who took public recognition so lightly and cheerfully.

We also have never seen such an attractive and young legal counselor, a mother of three who never misses a fashion event, a famous lawyer defending the poor for free, and an Appellate judge with such a figure and such a smile!

Because we didn’t know Marina Kornienko!..

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